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     About theCore.

    theCore is a collaboration of like minded, health,

    fitness and well-being professionals, located under one roof with one purpose - to provide premium services to the people of the Wairarapa.


    We believe that offering these essential services in one space makes living a more healthy and active lifestyle easier to achieve, it's all there, under one roof , centrally located in Carterton.

    Recently renovated, theCore offers a premium experience the moment you walk through the door.​



    at theCore with Strength Nation

    Providing a premier fitness experience, the team at

    Strength Nation are passionate about getting their clients fit, healthy and strong. Kitted out with the latest equipment, ensuite bathrooms, and open from 5am til 11pm, this is the ultimate gym experience. 

    Get Fit


    at theCore with Wairarapa Osteopathy

    Wairarapa Osteopathy gets to the source of the dysfunction in order to help return the patient’s body to a natural state of balance.


    at theCore with Jing Well Acupuncture

    Jing Well Acupuncture provides quality and holistic health and wellness services founded in Traditional Chinese Medicine in order to help clients achieve an overall state of well-being in body, mind and spirit. 


    at theCore with Intrinsic Performance 

    Intrinsic Performance  believes in a proactive whole body approach to improving movement: through biomechanics, massage, aromatherapy and lifestyle coaching looking at how well the body is working to find the root cause of reduced performance, poor mobility, stiffness, recurring injuries or just take control of your future health and movement.

    The Experience. 



    at theCore with Cape Physiotherapy.

    The Cape Physio clinic will provide exceptional care, positive health education and support within the community and sporting groups. 

    Feet First

    at theCore with Wairarapa Sports Podiatry.

    Wairarapa Sports Podiatry is passionate about keeping the community active and healthy through diagnosis and treatment of lower limb and foot conditions.